Payment options

There are 2 payment options
There are 2 payments alternatives. My work is 100% guaranteed so no matter which you chose

The first option is no deposit and payment in full upon completion, as long as you are 100% satisfied
The second option is a payment plan, tailored to suit your own requirements. As my work is 100% guaranteed, any payments are fully refundable if the painting is not correct for my client

A payment plan example illustration could be the below.
This is for a dog or cat painted in A3 (30cm x 40cm). The painting would be ready in August 2016, with the plan commencing November 2015. Please remember all plans are fully adjustable throughout their duration. Is my example the price (unframed) would be £375 and there are 10 payments of £37.50. I charge no extra for this option

Price £375

Nov-15 £37.50
Dec-15 £37.50
Jan-16 £37.50
Feb-16 £37.50
Mar-16 £37.50
Apr-16 £37.50
May-16 £37.50
Jun-16 £37.50
Jul-16 £37.50
Aug-16 £37.50

I hope the above was helpful and look forward to hearing from you with your requirements. Thank you Valerie