The first thing is to get booked in as my diary is very busy. I do not need your photo at this stage, that can come much later.

Please do this by emailing me

I can be contacted at: Mail me
Or ring: Mobile 07756 146125 - Land line 01933 653967

Where possible a payment plan works extremely well, even if it is only £5 a month. Of course it could be to cover the whole amount needed for your painting, so that it is paid for by the time it is finished. This keeps the amounts low and is just lovely to not have to find the cost when your painting is ready! Some clients prefer to pay a deposit instead. If you prefer to pay upon completion, that is also an option.

This would be your forever, special, portrait, so it is all up to you

Once you are in my diary, the next step will be when you have your photo. There are photo tips on my site, I will also email them to you. They should help you either take a good photo, or choose a good photo from what you have, for your portrait. We will then discuss crops, sizes and the background.

After your portrait is completed ..

When I have painted for you I will text to say I have emailed your portrait, for you to approve. As long as all is 100% for you, it is yours. If a payment plan is completed, then I will post asap (£9.99 p&p will still be outstanding). Otherwise a BACS minus any deposit, plus p&p would be due. I would then post.

Alternatively I can arrange framing via my framer, if you wish. This is a service I provide, to those who can collect as I cannot post a framed painting. Obviously then there is no p&p. He is excellent and has framed my paintings for many years now. Framing or not can be decided when your painting is finished, but below is the process and collection points, if you are interested ..

Framing process ...
I would send emails showing your painting against various frame samples, to see if there is something you like
If there is something, I would obtain a price from my framer
If the price is suitable I would go ahead and order for you

Collection points are ....
Meet in St Neots when I am over every other Sunday
Meet at the Brampton Hut roundabout, where the A1 crosses the A14, again almost every other Sunday
Collect from my partner Barry, who lives in Ashby Magna in Leicestershire
Collect from my Sister Julie, who lives in Eastrington in North Yorkshire
Collect from me in Irthlingborough Northamptonshire

I hope the above is helpful and very much look forward to discussing your portrait with you .. Kindest Regards Valerie